Holistic cures for body and mind

If you live in Germany and are looking for an approach of  holistic and natural therapy  with the opportunity to talk in English, then I  welcome you at my clinic in Neufahrn -  North of Munich.


For the past 25 years I accompany ill persons on a path to more health - with all my heart, my attention and proficiency of health practitioner and homeopath. I am a licensed  "Heilpraktiker". Furthermore I have advanced training with International homeopathy, Psychotherapy, Breath Therapy and Orthomolecular Medicine. M studies stem from  a scientific academic degree with decades of a personal spiritual path.

My aim is to support health on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

How to make contact:

email:  praxis@boldi-labusga.de

phone: daily except Wednesday

from 12.00 to 13.00

+49 (0)8165 9998300

Susanna Boldi-Labusga


My principal method is classical homeopathy, which affords the cure on a whole and precise level. The giving of one individualized and precisely chosen remedy will activate the vital forces in the organism and allow it to gain whole health, not simply repairing of singular symptoms.  


Classical homeopathy is used especially for physical or psychological chronic states. Treatment will be prescribed from the combined observation of  all current relevant factors, as well as the overall medical history of the patient.


Therefore treatment would begin with a long first consultation. It is followed by the  analysis all previous diagnosis and treatments. The goal is to build a full picture of the patient's complete physical and mental health concluding in prescribing  one constitutional remedy. From which time on the patient's progress will be carefully monitored through the healing process

Health care in Neufahrn, North of Munich

Health care

Special attention is paid to factors of the individual's life which sustain and augment the state of health, such as

  • Nutrition
  • Orthomolecular Medicine, meaning providing the body with sufficient vital substances:  vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, secondary plant substances, proteins, etc. 
  • Healthy respiration
  • Existential questions of one's spiritual life

The Process

Initial first consultation, anamnesis, is generally around two  hours;  followed by an analysis. All pervious diagnosis, Practitioner reports and names of  prescribed medicines should be brought to the first consultation.


From this first consultation a homeopathic prescription will be provided, accompanied by advice of necessary parallel measures regarding nutrition and integration of vital substances which could eventually be coordinated with other  therapies.


Within the first weeks of treatment it is necessary to have regular contact by phone in order to follow up on preliminary development and patient progress.  Follow up appointments will take place according to the patients's personal requirements. 

My prices

First consultation: 190,- €

Follow up of one hour: 90,- €

Follow up of half an hour: 45,- €

Shortest telephone call: 15,- €


Telephone prices follow the needed time.

I look forward to hearing from you, with the desire of promoting your personal health and wellbeing.

Homeopathy in Neufahrn, North of Munich